Homoeopathy- A Dynamic Science

Homoeopathy- A Dynamic Science

The Hidden Health Principle in Shrimad Bhagvad Mahapuran

The epic shrimad bhagwat mahapuran is the source of all knowledge, be it spirituality, morals, principles of life, science, medicine or the art of living human life. But not everyone analyses or implements each and every word it states. But the principles of “key to cure are stated in the mahapuran, and on which the homoeopathic principles are build upon.

प्राणियों को जिस पदार्थ के सेवन से जो रोग हो जाता है वही पदार्थ चिकित्सा विधि के अनुसार प्रयोग करने पर क्या उस रोग को दूर नहीं करता।*

Mentioned above are the lines from the प्रथम स्कंध, पांचवां अध्याय of the mahapuran which means that “only the substance which has the power to produce a disease like condition in a healthy living being, has the power to cure the same condition when given to the diseased one.

One of the cardinal principles of homoeopathy le. The law of similars- “similia similibus curenter” says that the drug which produces suffering when administered into a healthy individual has the power to cure the similar disease suffering in a diseased person.

Thus what we practice today in homoeopathy, are the principles which were followed by ancient practitioners, as nature’s law to cure remains the same.

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